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HAPPINESS IS A SKILL is devoted to the science of antidepressant withdrawal, healing from depression, and the skill of happiness. Expect candid thoughts on facing trauma and grief, tips from experts around the world, the latest research, and the history of psychiatry around the world.

About the author, Brooke Siem: 

Brooke Siem (@brookesiem) is a writer, chef, and speaker whose work on antidepressant withdrawal has appeared in The Washington Post, New York Post, Psychology Today, and more. Her memoir, MAY CAUSE SIDE EFFECTS is the first book on antidepressant withdrawal to hit the mass-market. She is also a Food Network "Chopped" Champion and creator of the F*ckit Bucket™.

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Philosophy, research, and lessons on how to get off antidepressants, heal from depression, and learn the skill of happiness.


Brooke Siem (@brookesiem) is a writer whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, New York Post, Insider, and more. Her debut memoir, MAY CAUSE SIDE EFFECTS, was published in 2022 and is available wherever books are sold.